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Chicken Bacon Ranch Burrito

Chicken Bacon Ranch Fluffy Tortilla Deliclous


  • 2 Chicken Breats cubed into 1" chunks

  • Large or XL tortillas

  • 6 strips of bacon

  • Lettuce

  • Cheese (I used cheddar jack and melted queso)

  • 1 White onion

  • Mexican seasoning (

  • Zesty Ranch sauce


  1. Allow chicken to get to room temperature

  2. Cut up into small bites 1" or less

  3. Season chicken all over

  4. Cook bacon to your preferred style

  5. Remove bacon and cook chicken in leftover bacon fat (If cooking in ban remove excess bacon fat)

  6. Warm tortillas so it's easy to fold without breaking

  7. Mix Mexican seasoning with ranch dressing

  8. Layer the burrito with zesty ranch, cheese shreds, bacon pieces, and chicken, and top with onions, lettuce, and melted queso if you have it

  9. Roll the burrito, fold it over, bring it back, fold the sides in, then roll up

  10. Place seem side down on the flat grill or pan to get a nice crispy, plus will keep the tortilla from unraveling

  11. Enjoy


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